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ES1 5KVA Single Phase UPS Power Supply

ES1 5KVA Single Phase UPS Power Supply
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This UPS Series that provides stable pure sine wave output power for PCs, servers and electronic equipment. 
Surge, sag or complete power failure during utility power transmission may interfere with the normal operation of electronic equipment. 
This UPS Series provides standby power to protect equipment and data when utilities fail or get abnormal.
As an optional function, This UPS Series communicates with local net servers and other computer system via RS232 communication sockets.
RS232 socket provides information for main computer, such as voltage, current, temperature and frequency with Inverterilon2000 power management software.


• Pure sine wave output   
 Microcomputer control technique with high performance.  
Wide adjustable range for input voltage, high degree of accuracy for output, automatic voltage regulation.  
High reliability with protections for overload, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage and overheating.  
Modularized circuit PCB design for easy installation and field-maintenance.  
Intelligent battery management  
Instant auto-sensing and auto-adjustable chargers for optimized battery performance  
and prolonged battery longevity.  
Efficient toroidal transformer at lowest energy loss.  


DC Voltage 48V 96V/48V 96V/48V
Phase Single-In, Single-Out
Power Factor 0.8
Connection L, N + G wire
Voltage 145 ~ 275 Vac or 73~140 Vac
Frequency 45Hz ~ 65Hz
Charge Current 0-30A
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz ± 0.5%
Efficiency > 99% in city mode> 80% in inverter mode
Transfer Time ≤4ms
Transient Reaction When load changes between 0 and 100%, voltage < 3%
Distortion Pure sine wave, THD<3% Liner Load, THD<10% Non-Liner Load
Over Load Protection 110%, close the device in 30 seconds; 120%, close the device in 2 seconds;
Overload at city power, buzzer alarms
Short Circuit Protection Alarms on 20 seconds and then Inverter is off
Input High/Low Voltage Protection Yes
Battery High/Low Voltage Protection Yes
Battery Anti-Polarity Protection Yes
High Temperature Protection Yes
Power Failure No
Battery Low Voltage Buzzer Sounds When Battery Voltage Is Down To 10.5/10.7v Per Battery (After 2nd Alarm)
Inverter Failure No
Overload No
Noise < 38 Db (1 Meter)
Temperature 0 ~ 40
Humidity 10% ~ 90% (Non-Condensing)
Smart RS-232/USB Supports Windows® 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008, Windows® 7/8, Linux, Unix, And MAC
Optional SNMP Power Management From SNMP Manager And Web Browser


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