3KW Inverter With Controller

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3KW Inverter With Controller

The 3-KW Inverter with Controller is designed for off-grid applications. It combines an inverter, solar charge controller, and battery charger. Its surge power can reach 3.5kW for inductive loads, and multiple units can be used in parallel for 240v split-phase or 3-phase formats. Its internal 60-A solar charge controller allows for multiple units to be used in parallel to power additional devices. Its AC output transformer features a center-tapped connection to the grounded neutral.



The features of a 3KW Inverter With Controller include the ability to parallel operate batteries. In parallel operation, batteries must be connected at all times to the inverter. Another feature is the utility charger, which is a built-in module that uses a standard AC source to charge the batteries. This is important if solar power is unavailable. In addition, the utility charger is important for emergencies and other uses where you will need to use electricity.

Inverter chargers are available in many forms and features, allowing you to choose one that is right for you. In this article, we'll highlight three of the best options available. These units offer flexibility, a built-in MPPT charge controller, and many other features that make them ideal for solar and hybrid systems. And, unlike other types of inverters, these products offer a wealth of additional features.


Rated output capacity

A 3KW inverter with a controller's rated output capacity is important to know if you need it for your solar system. The max continuous power indicates the amount of power the inverter can continuously provide to your load. To be on the safe side, you should size the inverter conservatively. For example, if you need to run two lights in the same room at the same time, multiply the wattage of each lamp by 1.2 or 1.25 to get the best use out of your inverter.

The rated AC power capacity of a 3KW inverter with controller depends on the size of your solar panels. For example, a residential solar array can generate up to 380W. The DC/AC ratio of the module power is 1.15. Similarly, a commercial array can provide up to 365W of module power. This system has fewer temperature losses and clipping losses of less than 1%. You can't use a 3KW inverter if you plan to run two panels at once.


Step-up transformer

A step-up transformer is a type of power converter that is used to transfer electricity from a low-voltage source to a higher-voltage source. Its basic principle is simple: alternating current flows through the transformer's core and windings. As the current changes direction, it transforms into a different direction, creating a magnetic flux. The magnetic poles on the windings change directions with the flow of current, which in turn produces voltage in the windings.

A step-up transformer with a controller has a wound core made of a highly conductive material. Its core is made of thin silicon steel laminations. These laminations have a greater permeability than air, which helps to reduce the losses of the transformer. The transformer can also be reversed by reversing its turn ratio. The reversed configuration allows the user to compare the output of a transformer in step-up mode with an equivalent output in step-down mode.

The heavy-duty continuous-use voltage converter is compatible with two-phase power supplies and supports both 110V and 220V and 240V. It comes with an ON/OFF switch and two separate outlets with two-way fuses. The converters are CE-certified and have a USA patented universal output socket. Regardless of which voltage converter you are looking for, you can rest assured knowing that a 3KW step-up transformer with controller will provide you with the power you need to run your home or business.

The cost of a step-up transformer is largely determined by several factors. The first is its rating. Different manufacturers price their transformers differently for the same rating. Another factor is the winding material. Aluminium wound transformers tend to be cheaper than copper wound transformers. Efficiency is another important factor in pricing, as a higher efficiency transformer will operate twenty-four hours. So, you'll need to decide whether it's more affordable to purchase an aluminium wound transformer if space is not a problem.


Charge controller

A 3KW inverter with charge controller allows you to harness solar power for your home or office. This device derates power when AC input voltage falls below 170V, allowing you to power various appliances around the house or office. In addition to supplying power to various motor-type appliances, an inverter also has the benefit of reducing electrical costs. You can save money on electric bills by using it in conjunction with solar panels and a charge controller.

The inverter's pure sine wave output is the highest quality available in a 3KW model. It also has an MPPT solar charge controller. You can select between AC priority or solar charger modes, as well as choose between PV only and mains charging. The inverter supports lead-acid and lithium batteries, and its display lets you set up charging parameters easily. To make your life easier, you can download an APP for your smart phone and browse its operating parameters right from your smartphone.

The inverter's charge controller manages the charging and discharging of your batteries. It is part of the inverter and adjusts voltage and current accordingly to prevent overcharging or undercharging the battery. Its trickle charge feature ensures that your battery stays charged even with partial shading. This is one of the advantages of 3KW inverters. There are many different types of charge controllers available, so make sure you check the manual to determine which type will be most suitable for your needs.

The 3kW inverter with charge controller is a multifunction unit that combines a battery charger, solar charge controller, and isolated transformer. It features a peak DC to AC conversion efficiency of 93%. The AC output transformer has a center tapped connection to ground neutral. Depending on your needs, you can use multiple units in parallel to create 3-phase or 240v split phase formats. So, if you're looking for a high quality 3kW inverter with charge controller, look no further than the Prostar PSW3K-Pro.

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