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As a solar power system factory, We provides not only advanced equipment and system solutions for on-grid and off-grid solar power systems, but also lithium battery, solar panel, solar energy system,SOLAR POWER SYSTEM, storge battery and portable power stations.

Storage Battery and Portable Power Station

We provide 2V, 12V AGM and GEL batteries, Lithium Batteries , Powerwall batteries, OPZV batteries.

Storage Battery
Home-Used Solar Power Systems

Hybrid Solar system, Off-grid solar system and On-grid solar system.

Industrial and Commercial Solar Systems

UL, CE, TUV, IEC, ISO,,,etc Certificates.

solor panel
Solar Panel
Solar Pump and Pump Inverter

Solar Water Pump is a pumping device powered by solar energy.

Solar Panel
Solar Panel

Half-cut cells solar panel, Mono Solar panel, Poly solar panel, Perc Solar Panel and Double Glass Solar Panel.

Solar Panel

On grid and off grid, Giant Inverter.

— Who we are —

As an industrial power in the field of expert, Eastsun electrical has strong R & D and manufacturing capability, which makes the manufacturing cost is further reduced, thus greatly enhance the competitiveness of products. Products adopt advanced DSP digital control and industrial grade components and refined. Especially the control technology of large power UPS and a plurality of redundancy and machine with the leading industry, industry, manufacturing of the digital DSP control technology leader in the UPS products, therefore, the product has the excellence of high reliability, stability, durability and applicability...

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Our top priority is safety. In all processes, we follow an extremely strict quality policy. Parts and components, as well as products and accessories, are thoroughly inspected to ensure compliance with international industrial and safety regulations


As all entrepreneurs know, every journey begins with a single step. Be inspired by our customer' s success and let' s work together and achieve our mutual benefit. You suceed we then suceed. Thank you all our dearest ones.

As a leading manufacturer of renewable energy, we provide not only advanced equipment and system solutions for on-grid and off-grid solar power systems, but also lithium batteries, battery packs and portable power stations.
Project in Shanghai
15.5MW Distributed Project in Jiangsu New Technology
Project in Xizang Province
20.5MW Distributed Project in Fuzhou Ningde New Technology
Distributed Project in Foshan
30.5MW Distributed Project
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Eastsun is a leading manufacturer of renewable energy

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